Corner set or sofa? What works better?

The question posed in the title of this article is difficult to answer explicitly, as it depends primarily on our preferences.

The main advantage of sofa sets is that we can practically freely move them and arrange them in the room. It is much easier to arrange a few smaller pieces of furniture differently than a large one, which is usually a corner set. When choosing a sofa, we can add armchairs from the same set, or, for example, choose a completely different model l- for those who are more courageous and like to be different, we can additionally choose a different colour of the upholstery, which will additionally diversify and enliven the interior. Instead of armchairs, or simply in addition to the whole set, you can also add pouffes – some of them can also serve as a container (sometimes there is additional space under the seat).

Recently, modular sets are very popular, i.e. sets in which we can compose the shape and size of the sofa or corner sofa we choose. There is no need to choose from the standards as the furniture can be adjusted in size and configuration to a given interior. Additionally, most often in modular sets there are elements with a sleeping function, a container for bedding or with a relax function.

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