English style kitchen – How to arrange it?

Glazed glass cases, white-cream fronts of wooden cabinets, floral patterns, as well as Scottish grating are the hallmarks of the English style, which can captivate us with both idyllic home warmth and colonial accents. But how can an English style kitchen be decorated? If you want to find out about this, please read the following article.

English style: what is it all about?

The English style, which is an integral part of many kitchens, certainly has an irresistible charm because it beats a kind of harmony that helps to soothe our hectic nerves. Traditional, but still on time, combining old-fashioned elegance with a touch of modernity. The English style is mainly bright colours such as white, beige and ecru, which give freshness to the room and make it cosy and elegant. However, this style is accompanied by quite original decorations, which not everyone may like.

English style kitchen: furniture and accessories

The ideal material for an English style kitchen is, of course, natural wood, which is solid and durable, so that it will serve well for many years to come. Wooden English style furniture has quite light colours, as it’s usually white, beige or ecru. As far as kitchen fronts are concerned, they are mainly decorated with brass knobs, glazed porcelain-filled display cases, openwork accessories and rich carvings. A very important element of any kitchen are, of course, kitchen worktops, which in English style should be made of stone, marble or wood. If we decide to buy modern household appliances that will help to emphasize the character of the room, then let’s think about the eaves, which is best to attract attention not only with their large size, but also with the carvings used (so that they resemble a slightly decorative fireplace cornice).

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