Practical solutions in a small apartment.

If you have a small apartment and many things to put in it, it can be a challenge to arrange them and thus avoid the impression of a general clutter.

There are several interesting solutions that can be used in small flats. One of them is to make the buildings – it can be for example a deep wardrobe with sliding doors. Its interior can be freely arranged – from the simplest rods, to shelves, drawers or baskets, which will help to maintain order inside. In addition, wardrobe doors can have a mirror installed, which will optically enlarge a small room.

Another solution is to consider buying a bed for a bedroom with a container. Regardless of whether or not we hide bedding every day, a container under the mattress is very useful, even for spare bedding, blankets or clothes that we do not currently use.

In a small children’s room, where we have to put two beds, it is worth considering a bunk bed, and in the space saved you can put a chest of drawers or a desk.

Another practical solution is the hanging cabinets, which can hang both above the chest of drawers, the bed in the bedroom and in the living room above the rest.

Smaller space can also be used on the hanging shelves and in the cupboards with containers.

These are just a few of the available solutions. It is worth to choose one that suits us and match it to your interior.

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