Provencal style kitchen – How to arrange it?

The kitchen, as we all know, is the heart of the house. This is where families spend time preparing meals together. It is the place where the most serious conversations with friends take place. For some, it is a space where you run away from problems. That is why it is so important that this place is cosy, visually nice, but above all clear and practical.

What is the Provencal style?

More and more often you are moving away from dark buildings, burgundy brick and dimmed light. It is focused on bright and spacious interiors with wood elements. These requirements fit perfectly into the world famous Provencal style. The sunshine that comes into the kitchen and the white or light beige, necessarily wooden buildings give the kitchen furniture a size and even a small area gains extra space optically. Cabinets are often decorated with single cut-outs, openwork or lace finishes, giving the impression of naturalism. Both the wooden doors and the delicate, colourful linen curtains fit perfectly into the Provencal style. The kitchen is supposed to reflect the character of French cottages, so all kinds of accessories giving the room a cosy and warm atmosphere are also important. The Provencal style is a combination of homeliness and elegance. A kind of sloppiness with family warmth where not everything has to be perfectly arranged. White cabinets can be combined with stone or wooden tops, on which all kinds of trinkets will be placed – wicker baskets, wooden boxes, preserves in jars, hanging garlic braids or pots with colourful flowers and herbs.

For whom the Provencal style kitchen?

It is said that Provencal style cuisine is perfect for people who are romantic and like to dream. Especially women show great interest in such interior design. The Provencal style is considered a compromise between woman and man. Combination of practicality with the unique beauty of the interior.

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