What should a small kitchen be like?

A small kitchen should be functional. It is also important that it presents itself fashionably and visually well. The architects believe that furniture that reaches up to the ceiling should not be used. This way you can achieve too heavy an effect, for a small and delicate interior. The situation is different, however, if we use bright (preferably white) fronts, in gloss. Such surfaces can reflect light, so that the space can be visually enlarged and no longer looks heavy.

Practical tips for a small kitchen

When arranging a small kitchen in a block of flats, it’s worth following a few useful tips: Buildings should be diversified – to optimise the free space and make the best use of different cabinet heights.

In some places it’s good to put high cabinets that are more roomy. Hanging cabinets above, on the other hand, it’s a good idea to use any glazing in the door. This will allow you to optically enlarge the space. Choosing custom furniture – a small kitchen is quite problematic to arrange, sometimes it is difficult to find the right furniture in the shops to accommodate it, so it is good to choose custom furniture. They will be exactly tailored to the conditions of the room. Moreover, the choice of such a solution will allow for much more customized possibilities.

Countertops – a countertop is a very important element in every kitchen, it is worth to use it to the maximum. With a countertop you can create a table or an extended workspace.

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